Steven S. Long is a writer, game designer, and all 'round great guy. According to the secret files of the KGB, he once singlehandedly defeated the Kremlin's plot to attack America with laser-powered Godzillas.


Howdy folx! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Steve Long, a writer and game designer hailing from Greensboro, NC.

For over twenty years I’ve been a roleplaying game designer. As a freelancer or full-time employee I’ve worked for many of the RPG industry’s most prominent companies, including Last Unicorn Games, Decipher, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Wizards Of The Coast, White Wolf Game Studios, and more. But I’m best known for my work with the HERO System — from 2001-2011 I served as HERO System Line Developer, during which time I wrote and/or edited over 100 RPG supplements. I’m currently publishing more HERO System material as a licensee (see my Elvensong Street Press page, in the links menu to the left, for more information).

I’ve also broadened my writing horizons by branching out into fiction. I've sold a couple of short stories so far — see the Fiction link to the left for details. Hopefully there'll be more sales and more info on that page in the near future. ;)

Most exciting of all for me is that my first major work of non-fiction, a book on the Norse god Odin for Osprey Publishing's "Myths and Legends" series, was published in 2015. Given my life-long interest in Norse mythology this was both a significant opportunity and a real labor of love for me.

My purpose in setting up this website is primarily self-promotional. It seems that these days you can’t succeed at most creative endeavors without constantly putting yourself forward and talking about yourself. Now, I love talking about myself and my work, but usually only when someone specifically asks — where I was raised, self-promotion of the sort that seems to be a perpetual presence in our lives these days was considered rude, even obnoxious. But hey, if that’s what it takes, I can be as obnoxious as the next guy.

Besides reading what's on this website, you're also welcome to follow me via Facebook (which I check pretty frequently) and Twitter (which I don’t use much right now).

You can see some of the books I've written on my Author Central page at Amazon.com.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll visit frequently. ;)