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Elvensong Street Press is my d/b/a — the name I do my publishing business under, so that everything sounds all formal and professional-like. ;) Currently ESP has several PDF titles available for the HERO System, all available in the Hero Games Online Store. (Many of them are also available on DriveThruRPG, if you prefer to buy your gaming PDFs there.)


The Expanded Grimoire Series

These PDFs expand on the spell selection available in The HERO System Grimoire, providing dozens of new spellcasting options for the mages and priests in your campaigns.

Acid Magic:  Eight new spells involving acid. They’re just the thing for alchemists, mystic mad scientists, and many other characters. All yours for just $1!

Lightning Magic:  Ten new spells involving lightning. They’re perfect for storm wizards, thunder gods, and electricity-manipulating characters. All yours for just $1!

Ranger Magic:  Fourteen new spells for wilderness warrior characters. All yours for just $1!

Pestilence Magic:  21 new spells involving disease and illness. They’re just what you need to make your character’s enemies sick and weak — or prevent them from doing the same to him. All yours for just $2!

Lava Magic:  Fourteen new spells involving lava. They’re perfect for wizards who live in your Fantasy world’s version of the Ring of Fire, witch doctors encountered by your heroes during Pulp adventures in the South Seas, and many other characters. All yours for just $1!

Expanded Warrior-Magery:  Ten more spells for warrior-mages. All yours for just $1!

Desert Magic:  Twelve new spells to make living in or crossing deserts easier and more survivable, or that use the features of the desert to attack the caster’s enemies. All yours for just $1!


The Expanded Bestiary Series

I've also tackled the task of expanding on the monster selection available through The HERO System Bestiary. The PDFs I've created so far in this line include:

Legions Of Hell:  A collection of nearly five dozen demons. Within its pages you’ll find such terrors as the Barbtail Demon, Book Demon, Crowned Demon, Fell Assassin, Infernal Soldier, Prince of the Pit, Slime Demon, Worm Demon, and Demonticore! All yours for just $4.99!

The Books Of The Undead:  A series of PDFs, each of which examines a particular type of undead and provides plenty of pre-generated character sheets for variants on and options for the standard types. Entries in this series so far include:





And more coming soon!


Champions PDFs

These PDFs are best suited to Champions games and other Superhero campaigns.

The Hercules Force:  This PDF presents three characters for Champions and the Champions Universe. The first is Johnny Hercules, a hero who possesses the Hercules Force, a mystic energy that makes him superhumanly strong. The other two are villains, his arch-nemeses: Typhon, the Monster-Maker, who possesses the Typhon Force and can create monsters at will; and Hecate, goddess of witchcraft, who wants to steal the Hercules Force and use it for her own evil purposes. All yours for just $1.99!


Fantasy Hero PDFs

These PDFs are best suited to Fantasy games.

Acquitaine:  A setting for Fantasy Hero 6th Edition. It’s part of the Tuala Morn setting, but can be used by itself or as part of another world. It covers the history, society, lands, and nobles of the “Summer Kingdom,” a magic system with several new spells, and six new monsters. (You can read a bit more about the setting in this blog entry.) All yours for just $4.99!