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Kickstarters I'm Supporting

Time for another edition of that favorite blog entry, "Kickstarters I'm Supporting," wherein I tell you about cool Kickstarters I'm pledging money toward that I think you might want to get in on too. ;)

First up is Dwarven Forge's Game Tiles. I've been interested in Dwarven Forge's fine products for years, but they've been waaaay too expensive for my taste, given the relatively small amount of minis gaming I do. But I'm backing this KS at a high level because the value is so phenomenal. The amount of extras involved (with more slated for upcoming stretch goals) makes this pretty cheap on a per-piece basis. Heck, even if you're not a hard-core RPG gamer, I wouldn't be surprised if this is just as fun, and perhaps even less expensive than, many children's toys. I'd've loved playing with these as a kid. I can't wait to build some dungeons. :)

For further immersion in the Fantasy gaming experience, look into Professional MP3 Background Loops for Roleplaying Games. Now that I almost always have a laptop or tablet computer at the gaming table, the idea of using background sounds to set the mood has some appeal. I am looking forward to the next tavern scene after I get these, so that I can put on the background loop and make the players feel more like they're actually there. Heck, it might even be inspirational for writing fiction. If I'm doing a tavern scene, a battle scene, or what have you, I can pull up the appropriate MP3 for inspiration. ;)

Given that I got started in the RPG industry writing Dark Champions, I'm always interested in other games revolving around modern-day action-adventure in various stripes, so I couldn't resist backing Trigger Happy. I don't really need a new RPG rules set, but it looks like it'll be full of inspirational ideas if nothing else.

For GMs who like to improvise but aren't always happy with the results they get on their own, check out Toolcards, by my friend Jim Pinto. They're brimming with ideas you can put into play at a moment's notice, use to inspire your next PC, or form the backbone of an adventure. Solid gaming utility in every card -- and if we support his Kickstarter, Jim might actually learn to use capital letters when he writes! ;)

Shifting away from RPGs, I've been thinking of getting a new wallet (the old one is slowly but surely falling apart after many years of yeomanly service), so I decided to back the CRABBY Wallet. It's too small/specialized to serve as my "main wallet," but I think it could be great for when I'm just running around town doing errands, or maybe for short trips when I don't need all the standard stuff I carry in my wallet. I'm looking forward to trying it out.

That's about it for now, but as I run across more cool projects, I'll keep you posted. ;)


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