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GenCon 2015 -- Ready, Set, Go!

It’s almost time for GenCon! Ordinarily I spend the vast majority of my time selling books in the Hero Games/IPR booth, and while I’ll certainly do some of that this year I am spending just as much time at the Writer’s Symposium and other activities. So I thought I’d post my schedule in case any fans, assassins, process servers, or other folks want to find me:


10:00 AM — Writer’s Symposium

Making The Fantastic Feel Realistic


1:00 PM — 7:00 PM — Envoy Area

Fantasy Hero All-Stars


2:00 PM — Writer’s Symposium

Defining Genres And Why It Matters


6:00 PM — Writer’s Symposium

Writer’s Craft: RPG Tie-In Fiction



3:00 PM — Writer’s Symposium

Authors To Inspire You



11:00 AM — Writer’s Symposium

What Makes A Character A Hero?


3:00 PM — Writer’s Symposium

Worldbuilding: Creating Languages


5:00 PM — Writer’s Symposium

Worldbuilding: Planes And Dimensions (MODERATOR)


6:00 PM — Writer’s Symposium

Worldbuilding: Designing Unique Cultures


7:00 — Writer’s Symposium

Worldbuilding: Monsters And Other Horrors



9:00 AM — Writer’s Symposium

Read & Critique


One caveat: the worldbuilding panels listed above are not my Worldbuilding Workshop, which I often run at conventions and hope to run again at GenCon after a fantastic time with it in 2014. These are standard seminars on the subject, with a slate of talented and knowledgeable panelists discussing the topic.

Second caveat: unlike a smaller con, where you can walk right into any panel, most of these events require tickets (and sometimes advance registration). So be prepared! You can ask the folx at the Writer's Symposium check-in desk if you have any questions.

I hope I see you in Indy!

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